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3 Easy Ways to Stay Active During the Work Day

As you have probably heard a million times by now, sitting is the new smoking. In activity for extended periods of time has shown to pose possibly serious harmful effects to your body and overall health. Seeing as the vast majority of American workers now sit for extended periods of time during the normal office work day these health concerns can have a large impact on society as a whole.

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Stay Active During the Work Day

Eat out for lunch or at least not at your desk

Lunch should be a time to take in quality nutrients that your body needs to stay sharp the rest of the day. Lunch should also be a time to get moving again. While eating out often tends to eating foods where you can not control the exact calorie intake it does allow for you to get out and about. Try to find a place within walking distance and avoid driving and sitting even further.

Set a timer to remind yourself to get up and walk around

Sometimes you can get lost in work and forget how long you are sitting. Setting a simple timer or having a FitBit can help remind you to get up and move around. You can walk to the water cooler or do some simple stretches to get the blood flowing again.

Use a balance ball to keep your body active even while sitting

Balance balls or office balance ball chairs like these are a great alternative to traditional office chairs. They help keep your core activated while sitting and have been shown to help with poor posture.
In conclusion, it is important to keep your body active throughout the day. Finding easy ways to get it done while working doesn’t have to be super complicated or not fun.

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