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5 Sneaky Ways to Trick Yourself into Drinking More Water

Drinking more water is one of the easiest ways to improve your health, but most of us still can’t bring ourselves to drink more water. Drinking more water can reduce headaches, fight fatigue, help you lose weight and even improve your mood. Whether it’s because you don’t like the taste or simply forgot, here are some tips to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Add Fruit to Your Water

One of the easiest ways to trick yourself into drinking more water, is by enhancing the flavor with fruit. You can make up a pitcher of lemon, cucumber, or what flavor combination you like in the morning and bring it with you to work. Instead of drinking sugar sodas when you have a sugary craving in the afternoon, you can sip on fruit infused water. You will also be saving tons of calories throughout the day with this trick.

Carry A Water Bottle With You Everywhere

Most of the time when you feel thirsty, you are away from your house and you have to find a place to buy water.  Thus, to avoid wasting time and money on water, always keep a water bottle near you and carry it along with you whenever you are going out. There are different types of water bottles and you can choose one that will be convenient for you. A pro tip is to measure out how many ounces are in your bottle and mark how many ounces you should drink every hour. That way when you look at your water bottle, you will have a visual reminder to drink more water to reach your daily goal.

Use An App to Track Your Water Intake

Pay close attention to how much water are you drinking. If marking your water bottle doesn’t work for you, you can download a smartphone app to track your water intake and prompt you to drink more water throughout the day. If you have an iPhone you can use the app ‘Waterlogged’ and if you have an Android phone there are many apps like ‘Water Your Body’ and others that will help you measure the amount of water that you have consumed the whole day.

Keep A Water Bottle At Your Desk

Most of the time when you are working on a project, you do not want to risk losing your concentration and train of thought by getting up to get a drink. Instead, if you always have water in front of you, you will likely consume more and work more efficiently. Also dehydration can make you feel sluggish and lead to headaches. So when you drink enough water you will feel more alert and ready to tackle any project.

Use It As Appetizer

You can use water as appetizer that will make you eat less. If you drink a glass of water before you eat, you will be less hungry while eating and you will eat as much. This will help you drink enough water and at the same time you will be eating less. Thus, you get dual healthy bonus when you drink water before you eat.

Once you get in the habit of drinking more water, you will find it is easy to reach your daily goal. If you have a hard time drinking water at first, you can add a few slices of fruit such as lemon to your water to make it more appealing.

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