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5 Tips To De-Stress at Work

Every job can be stressful at times. Whether it be because of a deadline, demanding clients or problems with coworkers, it can be difficult to survive the workday without wanting to pull out your hair. Keep your sanity with these helpful tips to make the workday more bearable:

Take a deep breath

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment and focus on your breathing to calm your heartbeat and help you relax.

Take a break

Taking a quick 15 minute break can help you relax and get your mind off work for a little bit. This will help you come back with a better outlook on the task at hand. You will also be able formulate a game plan once you’ve cleared your head. Working nonstop will only leave you overwhelmed and unable to focus properly. You are more likely to make mistakes if you are stressed out or frazzled.

Make a To-Do List

Write down all the tasks you need to complete starting with the most important. Don’t avoid the hardest tasks or keep putting them off. You will feel a lot better once you’ve finished them and be more prepared to tackle easier tasks. Marking off items will show that you are making progress and motivate you to keep going.

Listen to Music While You Work

Turn on your favorite radio station and let the music help keep you motivated. If you are feeling tired, listening to upbeat happy songs will help re-energize you up.

Don’t Skip Lunch

It’s easy to rationalize that skipping lunch is the right thing to do when you are super busy at work. However in order to keep your brain sharp, your body needs to refuel. Eating a healthy lunch and snacks throughout the day, will give you mental clarity and keep you energized.

Work can be stressful, but these tips can help you survive even the most stressful of day. Be sure to make a to-do list to set up a plan of attack for your workload. Take a short break if you start feeling overwhelmed and don’t forget to eat healthy snacks to keep your body and mind energized.



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