2 ThreeLac/ 2 Oxygen Elements

(2) Threelac and (2) Oxygen Elements
Supports intestinal and digestive health
Increase cellular oxygenation

ThreeLac is among the finest candida protection product available on the market mix ThreeLac with Oxygen Components Plus and permit this duo of goods pass to be just right for you in treating your candida drawback. Oxygen Components Plus (“OE”) provides the frame with a nutrition of synergistically mixed loose oxygen, hydrogen, complete spectrum minerals, amino acids, & enzymes & additionally cleanses our frame’s cells & colon. OE comprises Components that successfully oxygenate our cells & lend a hand delivery oxygen all through our tissues. It incorporates the ThreeLac extra successfully into our digestive gadget a & all through our frame. Candida is an anerobic bacterium that can not continue to exist in a extremely oxygenated setting. OE will increase the oxygen ranges within the frame making it more difficult for the candida to continue to exist. Lively Enzymes is a fancy aggregate of complete spectrum enzymes with probiotic advantages wanted for correct digestion & processing of fat, proteins, carbohydrates & cellulose. ThreeLac, with the larger support of OE is helping rid the frame of candida overgrowth..
(2) Threelac and (2) Oxygen Components
Helps intestinal and digestive well being
Build up cell oxygenation
Build up staying power and stamina












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