22 Days Nutrition Organic Protein Bars Gluten Free — 12 Bars

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. With 22 days you found the way. Enjoy inspiring, organic, vegan foods for healthy, happy and strong living consume consciously! Nature’s PowerWe imagine that foods made with the finest natural ingredients satisfy not only the body but also the spirit. That’s why we created 22 days nutritional products, a smart alternative to a number of the well-known nutrition products available on the market. Our vegan and vegetarian products are specially formulated the use of raw and organic superfoods, including the exceptional benefits of hemp and rice protein. When you eat well, you live well and the advantages go beyond the individual and can in truth positively have an effect on our environment. Creating Lasting ChangeIt used to be recently discovered that the human mind takes almost exactly 21 days to adjust to a major life change. We applied this principal to helping people live a healthier, more energetic and productive life. At 22 days, we are committed to providing the nutrition and the tools to help in making a positive and healthy difference on a regular basis.










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