528 Hz Healing Tuned Pipe louder than tuning fork with mallet,hand stand & Free shipping

Rubber mallet and wood stand to hang this pipe included
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This Therapeutic Tuned Pipe produces 528 Hz sound.It’s the precise frequency utilized by genetic engineers right through the arena to fix the blueprint of existence, DNA, the wholesome center of that is a six-sided crystal of based water. Dr. Lee Lorenzen, a global popular biochemist running with water crystallization easy methods to rejuvenate DNA says “I used to be intrigued through the frequencies of the Therapeutic codes. The 3rd frequency is widely known to scientists running on DNA restore.” Dr. Lorenzen believes this ‘528’ frequency could be really helpful in delaying growing old.This pipe is Produced from Prime High quality Warmth Handled Aluminium Pipes generating stunning and lengthy lasting sound.Moderately tuned to exact frequency as discussed.Provides Nice Therapeutic impact.Dimensions of Pipe-Duration – 20.5 inches appx,Diameter – 1 inch appx..Packing-1 Piece Pipe with Jewelry on every aspect,1 Wood Hand Stand to hold this pipe,1 Rubber Mallet. You’ll cling this Pipe on Wood hand-stand with the assistance of Jewelry supplied on aspects of the Pipe.Use Rubber mallet to supply Therapeutic sound and frequency.
Rubber mallet and Wood stand to hold this pipe integrated
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Brought in 4 to 5 trade days time after cost
Produced from Prime High quality Aluminium












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