AFC Chitosan for 4 years (90 days series * 16 sets)

Every AFC health supplement are produced at the special factory in Japan. Raw material is also sorted out on the top quality standard of safe Japan. We supply to you the highest material made in Japan.
This goods for 1440 days(about 4 years) are included. According to the volume of sets, it becomes relatively cheap gradually. How is joint procurement with a friend and a family? In addition, we are preparing the sets from the 90 days to 5 years.

Chitosan is a nutritional fiber that fabricated from shells of crabs and shrimp. It is helping to cut back the absorption of oil within the frame.

[Each tablet contains] crab shell abstraction chitosan, lactose (milk foundation), cane sugar ester , chitosan oligo saccharide, brew powder vinegar , particle oxidation silicon

[Each tablet contains] chitin chitosan:one hundred ninety.5mg chitosan oligo saccharide:10mg brew vinegar powder

[Specification] Name
Chitosan (one Package deal)
Web weight
300 mg par grain * 270 grains
Instructed use
three-6 [for approximately 1800 days]
Servings According to Package deal
approximately 90 days (three grains day-to-day)
Manufacturing u . s .
Each AFC well being complement are produced at the different manufacturing facility in Japan. Uncooked subject matter may be looked after out at the prime quality same old of protected Japan. We carry to you the best possible subject matter made in Japan.
This items for 1440 days(approximately 4 years) are incorporated. In keeping with the quantity of units, it turns into reasonably affordable step by step. How is joint procurement with a family member and a circle of relatives? As well as, we’re making ready the units from the 90 days to 5 years.














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