Agar 35 – Herbal Anxiety Support(50 capsules)

Anxiety, difficulties falling and staying asleep, and rushing thoughts can be a thing of the past.
Agar 35 is a traditional Tibetan formula in use for more than 500 years. Widely applicable for all types of stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders.
Can help create long-lasting positive life changes. Orders from Alchemy Distribution ship on the SAME DAY they are received.

Agar 35 is the commonest and widely recommended traditional Tibetan compound for every type of tension and stress. Is it best for you? Agar 35 can make stronger your life in case you display any of those symptoms: insomnia, night waking, overactive mental activity, uneasiness, nervousness, jittery nerves, inability to loosen up, mental anxiety, decrease back pain from stress, feeling tense, waking within the morning with mind racing. Our Agar 35 is made via a conventional Tibetan physician and Lama with greater than 30 years of revel in. It’s constructed from an ancient Tantric recipe in use for greater than 500 years, and is blessed and consecrated via Tibetan clergymen within the traditional ritual means. Non habit-forming however unusually tough, Agar 35 safely lets in your body to handle life’s aggravations and turmoil. Along with the strain and anxiety-reducing effects, new reports have simply come to us pronouncing that each Agar 35 and Bimala are effective treatments for tinnitus. Tinnitus effects greater than 10% of folks, all over the world. A few folks have claimed their tinnitus reduced via greater than 60% after only some days of taking Agar 35. Agar 35 is compounded of one hundred% natural ingredients from the Nepalese and Tibetan highlands. Tibetan drugs has long known that stress and anxiety stem from numerous factors, each outside and inside the body. Luminaries such as Tenzin Choedrak and Dr Yeshi Donden, in addition to their patients, such a lot famously HH The 14th Dalai Lama, depend on formulas such as Agar 35 to control the interior side of those disorders. Agar 35 is the premier Tibetan rLung Formula.
Anxiety, difficulties falling and staying asleep, and dashing emotions generally is a thing of the past.
Agar 35 is a conventional Tibetan formula in use for greater than 500 years. Widely acceptable for every type of stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders.
Can assist create long-lasting certain life adjustments. Orders from Alchemy Distribution ship at the SAME DAY they’re received.
Protected and effective. No contraindications and now not habit-forming.
In lots of instances, Agar 35 can assist folks affected by tinnitus. FREE SHIPPING FROM ALCHEMY DISTRIBUTION


















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