Alfalfa Grass Superfood Powder, Organic

Certified Organic by the Soil Ass UK 5
Maximum Strength, Practitioner Quality
No Artificial fillers, bulking or bind agents

Chlorophyll wealthy superfood jam-packed with antioxidants and crucial amino acids. Alfalfa is wealthy in nutrients minerals and different nutrients that play crucial position within the upkeep of a wholesome frame. It incorporates protein nutrients A B1 B6 and nutrients C D and Diet Ok. Diet D is the crucial sunshine Diet and Alfalfa is without doubt one of the few meals dietary supplements that incorporates this necessary vit. It additionally incorporates calcium potassium carotene iron and zinc and is regarded as one of the most healthiest plant {mealss} offering a very good vary of nutritive homes for just right well being and wellness.
Qualified Natural via the Soil Ass UK 5
Most Potential, Practitioner High quality
No Synthetic fillers, bulking or bind dealers
Appropriate for Vegeterians and Vegans
Moral Provided ninety eight% via the United Kingdom Moral Service provider









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