Asali Mens Tracksuit Feather Wings Fashion Warm Up Jog Suit with Clothes and Pants

Mercerized Cotton
Soft & Cozy

Asali Males Hoodies Set

Material: Polyester.




M: Garments Period 25.fifty nine(IN) Bust 42.12(IN) Shoulder 17.32(IN) Sleeve 23.22(IN)

Pants Period 39.37(IN) Hip 41.seventy three(IN) Waist 27.fifty five(IN) Circumfernce 21.25(IN)

L: Garments Period 28.34(IN) Bust 44.09(IN) Shoulder 18.50(IN) Sleeve 24.eighty(IN)

Pants Period 39.seventy six(IN) Hip 42.fifty one(IN) Waist 28.seventy four(IN) Circumfernc 22.04(IN)

XL: Garments Period 28.seventy four(IN) Bust 45.27(IN) Shoulder 19.sixty eight(IN) Sleeve 25.fifty nine(IN)

Pants Period 40.15(IN) Hip 43.30(IN) Waist 29.ninety two(IN) Circumfernc 22.eighty three(IN)

2XL: Garments Period 29.thirteen(IN) Bust 46.forty five(IN) Shoulder 20.07(IN) Sleeve 26.37(IN)

Pants Period 40.ninety four(IN) Hip 45.27(IN) Waist 31.forty nine(IN) Circumfernc 23.sixty two(IN)

3XL: Garments Period 29.fifty two(IN) Bust 47.sixty three(IN) Shoulder 20.86(IN) Sleeve 26.seventy seven(IN)

Pants Period 41.seventy three(IN) Hip 46.forty five(IN) Waist 33.07(IN) Circumfernc 24.forty(IN)


M: Garments Period 65CM Bust 107CM Shoulder 44CM Sleeve 59CM

Pants Period 100CM Hip 106CM Waist 70 CM Circumfernce 54 CM

L: Garments Period 72CM Bust 112CM Shoulder 47CM Sleeve 63CM

Pants Period 101CM Hip 108CM Waist 73 CM Circumfernc 56 CM

XL: Garments Period 73CM Bust 115CM Shoulder 50CM Sleeve 65CM

Pants Period 102CM Hip 110CM Waist 76 CM Circumfernc 58 CM

2XL: Garments Period 74CM Bust 118CM Shoulder 51CM Sleeve 67CM

Pants Period 104CM Hip 115CM Waist 80 CM Circumfernc 60 CM

3XL: Garments Period 75CM Bust 121CM Shoulder 53CM Sleeve 68CM

Pants Period 106CM Hip 118CM Waist 84 CM Circumfernc 62 CM
Mercerized Cotton
Cushy & Comfy
Sweatpants: Drawstring, elastic waist and cuff
Dimension: M,L,XL,2XL,3XL. Mens Colour: White and Military


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