Bamboo Silica by Enerex – 90 Caps

Necessary to help maintain healthy arteries, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis
Helps prevent spinal disc degeneration
Helps heal bone fractures and torn and damaged tendons & ligaments

Bamboo is an fit to be eaten grass that has been a part of mankind’s diet for thousands of years. It’s also the principal food for lots of species of mammals. The Indian elephant is smaller than its African cousin, however is way stronger. The Large Panda of China exists virtually completely on bamboo and its skeletal system is incredibly sturdy, yet very versatile. These distinctive properties are believed to be related in a few phase to the prime silica content of bamboo. Bamboo extract is the richest supply known of natural silica, containing over 70% organic silica. That may be ten times the extent found within the widely used Horsetail plant (Equisetum) which incorporates about five% to 7% silica. Bamboo Silica extract is ready from the Tabashir bamboo stem from India (Bambusa vulgaris). Silicon is the 2d such a lot abundant part in the world after oxygen. It is referred to now to play a component within the integrity of the surface, ligaments, tendons, and bone. The body continuously metabolizes silicic acid. Silica is eliminated from our bodies by way of natural processes together with hair loss, nail cutting, and urination. This natural secretion of silica may also be from 10 to 40mg day-to-day. The typical adult body incorporates about 20 grams of silica, and it must be maintained at this level to advertise just right health. As we age, less silica is assimilated; due to this fact day-to-day supplementation with Bamboo Silica will assist care for the Essential equilibrium, and minimize the consequences of premature aging. To additional improve the effectiveness of Enerex Bamboo Silica, the formula contains 200mg of calcium citrate. Calcium absorption is enhanced by the presence of silicon, and prefer silicon, calcium is interested in customary bone development. Calcium additionally has a job to play in regulating heartbeat, in energy production, immune serve as, and cell membrane permeability. Like silicon, a deficiency of calcium would possibly speed skin aging.
Essential to assist care for healthy arteries, reducing the danger of atherosclerosis
Is helping save you spinal disc degeneration
Is helping heal bone fractures and torn and broken tendons & ligaments
Important for correct bone formation & Is helping care for customary bone structure
Improves skin’s elasticity & suppleness; maintains healthy nails, hair, teeth and gums













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