Bariatric Advantage Chewable Calcim Citrate Wild Cherry 90 Ct

Wild Cherry Flavored & Sugar Free
100% Calcium Citrate – the form most recommended by doctors.
Vitamin K is a fat-soluble nutrient that is important for bone health as it plays a role in three proteins that are vital to bone health. The best known of these proteins is Osteocalcin, which plays a critical role in bone remodeling. Patients may not consume adequate dark green vegetables to assure good dietary intakes.

Our Calcium Citrate Chewables were designed to satisfy the calcium replacement wishes of patients. Our Calcium Citrate chewable may also be chewed or allowed to dissolve within the mouth. This permits patients to get the calcium they want with out swallowing huge or a couple of pills. Calcium citrate, the shape such a lot advisable by doctors, is the only calcium supply within the product. It additionally supplies Vitamin D, Vitamin Okay and a small quantity of magnesium, occupied with the fortify of bone health. Our Chewables are designed to be simple at the digestive system, to fortify most absorption and to foster compliance. For patients taking our iron, we propose that they take calcium and iron a minimum of two hours apart.
Wild Cherry Flavored & Sugar Free
one hundred% Calcium Citrate – the shape such a lot advisable by doctors.
Vitamin Okay is a fat-soluble nutrient that may be vital for bone health because it plays a job in three proteins which can be necessary to bone health. The most efficient known of those proteins is Osteocalcin, which plays a essential role in bone transforming. Patients would possibly not consume ok dark inexperienced vegetables to assure excellent dietary intakes.
Each and every Calcium Citrate chewable accommodates 500 milligrams of elemental calcium from calcium citrate. Calcium citrate is extremely soluble and is acceptable for plenty of people.
Many chewable calcium merchandise depend on candy bases as delivery systems. Best brands supply 3 to 4 grams of sugars from corn syrup and top-fructose corn syrup – or as much as 8 grams of concentrated sweeteners in a day-to-day dose. Our chewables are sweetened with a minimal quantity of low-glycemic, crystalline fructose. Additionally, people on severely carbohydrate limited diets, in point of fact count the ones grams on a daily basis. Our formula meets the desires of those patients with out compromising style and quality.


















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