BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender, 15 Piece set, stainless steel

Steamline the process of preparing, serving, and enjoying a variety of healthy nutrient-rich superfoods and smoothies while giving you the option to make salsas, soup, nut butters, and even crush ice; saving you time and money
Powerful 700 watt base allows you to emulsify and extract nutrients from you favorite fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and grains combining them into one big superfood smoothie in seconds
Since the Rocket Extract Pro blades attach directly to each of the five included tumblers, you can drink your smoothie right from the cup you used to blend it in. Making it perfect when you are on the go!

Rocket Extract Professional Emulsifies Higher Than the Best Emblem* comes with two top-efficiency chrome steel blades. The emulsifying blade liquefies all culmination, vegetables, and leaves–together with seeds–in seconds. You’ll create nutritious, delectable smoothies and shakes which can be in reality easy, even while you upload leafy greens or herbs. The grinding blade chops and grinds seeds, nuts, and spices. Use it to grind coffee beans to the specified texture, and You’ll retailer grounds within the tumbler with a superior lid. The grinding blade too can get ready salsas and chutneys. * In keeping with result of Emulsification Comparison Take a look at through Intertek Checking out Services and products, Cortland, NY. July 2013.
Steamline the method of getting ready, serving, and taking part in a number of wholesome nutrient-wealthy superfoods and smoothies even as supplying you with the technique to make salsas, soup, nut butters, or even crush ice; saving you money and time
Tough 700 watt base means that you can emulsify and extract vitamins from you favourite culmination, veggies, seeds, nuts and grains combining them into one massive superfood smoothie in seconds
Because the Rocket Extract Professional blades connect immediately to each and every of the 5 included tumblers, You’ll drink your smoothie proper from the cup you used to mix it in. Making it easiest if you find yourself at the go!
Doubling as a meals processor, connect the different grinding blade to cut and grind nuts, spices, coffee beans and more
Operation is unassuming. Toss to your foods, connect your blade to the cup of selection, place on base and twist. And Voila!





















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