Best Seller! Mystim Tension Lover Nervestimulator. Power unit. (2 years warranty).

Mystim Pressure Lover. With the Pressure Lover energy unit you’ll uncover an never-ending stimulation, which generally is a cushy prickle, a rhythmic pulsation or a sensuous pushing. There might not be any boundaries on your myth or your fondness of experimenting. With the Mystim Pressure Lover you’ll have all of it from cushy to arduous. The Pressure Lover is available in other variations, one with self adhesive electrodes and a quite dearer one with permanent silicone electrodes. The self adhesive electrodes can be utilized time and again however have a miles shorter lifestyles span than the silicone electrodes. At the plus aspect, they’re extraordinarily versatile, a lot more so than the silicone ones whose one sided isolation takes away a few flexibility. 24 month guaranty. Dimensions 5.03 inches via 2.75 inches via 1.02 inches, weight 26.45 oz approximately. Product knowledge: 2 in my opinion adjustable channels, 7 other methods for the satisfaction of particular person desires, from affectionate to extensive as much as arduous, timer, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mins, depth, pulse width and pulse fee are arbitrary for the person, the tool can also be preset and the switches can also be locked, further huge show for a great clarity in each and every state of affairs. Included in supply: 1 virtual Mystim stimulation present tool, 1 cast plastic go well with case, 4 self adhesive electrodes or 4 permanent silicone electrodes, 2 wires for self adhesive electrodes, 1 battery 9V, 1 guideline handbook in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and French.











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