Bio Nativus Concentrated Ionic Trace Mineral Drop Complex 8oz

Concentrated 72 Trace Mineral Drop Complex
Highest Concentration of Sea Minerals you can get
Increased Energy

Concentrated Liquid Ionic Trace Mineral Drop Complicated provides in half teaspoon, the mineral content of one/2 cup sea water with 99.five% of the sodium got rid of. This product was once particularly designed to include a minimal quantity of sodium. So much American citizens eat an unnaturally great amount of sodium, of which simplest five% comes naturally within the meals we eat. It’s been estimated that the majority American citizens consume twice as a lot sodium as potassium, whilst a really perfect vitamin must consist of 5 times more potassium than sodium.
A low potassium, prime sodium vitamin has been demonstrated to play a job within the construction of heart problems and cancer. While, a vitamin more balanced has been shown to give protection to towards the exact same illnesses.

Scientific Indications:
This product is meant to be a comprehensive mineral and electrolyte supplement.

Concentrated Trace Mineral Drop Complicated provides the flexibility of an electrolyte replacement drink, whilst nourishing the body with an entire mix of very important minerals. The body is continuously running to stick in a state of stability. This product is helping you’re taking a step in that direction. Concentrated Trace Mineral Drop Complicated additionally supplies the stability that your body wishes.
Potassium, sodium and chloride are all thought to be electrolytes. They serve as within the repairs and distribution of water inside the body. As well as, they serve the role of controlling acid-base stability, center contractility, kidney and adrenal serve as and important neuromuscular task.
Concentrated 72 Trace Mineral Drop Complicated
Best possible Concentration of Sea Minerals you’ll get
Higher Power
PH Balancing
8 Fluid Oz













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