BONECO Digital Steam Humidifier S250 w/ Cleaning Mode

Produces hand-warm steam that’s safe and comfortable for familes with children and pets
High output of up to 1.8 gal/day for fast humidification
Suitable for medium rooms up to 430 sq. ft.

Usually ships in 1-2 business days

The S250 Digital Steam Humidifier gives hygienic air humidification, which is most suitable for families. Thank to the built-in cooling fan, the humidifier emits a pleasing hand heat steam, which ensures a protected and at ease environment for families with kids and pets. With a very easy-to-use touch digital show, the S250 works very efficiently. The CLEANING mode lets in for simple and concern-free cleaning of the unit. The straightforward handling, built-in hygrometer, and CLEANING mode are expressions of the absolute best Swiss high quality.
Produces hand-heat steam that is protected and at ease for familes with kids and pets
Prime output of as much as 1.8 gal/day for speedy humidification
Appropriate for medium rooms as much as 430 sq. toes.
Digital show w/ CLEANING mode for simple and concern-free cleaning
Perfume tray to be used with very important oils


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