C.G.P. (Creatine Glycerol Phosphate) 400 gm

Muscle Torque Power. Pharmaceutical Grade. Awesome to Creatine Monohydrate. Triggers Tougher Muscle Contractions. Amplifies Muscle Pumps and Complements Vascularity. Will increase ATP Manufacturing & Prolongs Staying power. No Bloating, No Cramping, No Loading, No Sugar. C.G.P. is perfect for any client who demands Awesome high quality, uncompromising effects, and is taking a look to extend lean muscle mass, potential, Staying power, and maximize bodily enhancement, assured! Devoted to production top quality nutritional dietary supplements sponsored through clinical analysis and formulated through a scientific physician. Metabolic Vitamins was once the primary to introduce Creatine-Glycerol-Phosphate to the marketplace. Acclaimed through physicians, athletes and customers alike, C.G.P. has the respect of delivering natural “Muscle Torque Power” in a one hundred% strong and absorbable phosphate bonded creatine supplement. In contrast to creatine monohydrate which most commonly converts into “Creatinine” [a toxic and unusable form of creatine] as soon as jumbled in liquid, C.G.P’s chemical construction is robust sufficient to be jumbled in water or different beverages with none degradation which impacts different creatine merchandise. Engineered with a glycerol compound, C.G.P. is in a position to accelerate absorption within the GI Monitor by means of a specialised pathway, therefore getting rid of all bad unwanted effects such as cramps, bloating and nausea related to so much creatine merchandise. C.G.P’s Awesome phosphate bonded chemical construction continues to be totally intact and is right away assimilated into your bloodstream.













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