C-IN2 Men’s H+A+R+D Strap Jock

95 percent cotton, 5 percent spandex
Showing more of those legs that you’ve been working so hard at the gym for
Made with a bold waistband design inspired by the markings of extreme sports innovatively placed over a ribbed cotton body

C-IN2 h+a+r+d is a brand new tackle an old style vintage- the jock.
95 p.c cotton, 5 p.c spandex
Appearing extra of the ones legs that you have been running so exhausting on the health club for
Made with a daring waistband layout impressed by way of the markings of utmost sports activities innovatively positioned over a ribbed cotton frame
H+a+r+d assortment is to be had in contrasting vintage black and white in addition to daring seasonal colours


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