Ceregumil Liquid Ginseng 250ml to Help Fight Physical & Mental Fatigue, Boost Overall Daily Performance, Concentration and Reflexes

It increases the body’s ability to fight everyday stress.
It increases the body’s overall feeling of wellbeing both physically and mentally.
It improves the body’s reflexes and reaction time.

Probably the most notable feature of GINSENG is its ADAPTOGENIC high quality, which means that this is a substance that boosts the frame’s resistance to damaging chemical, biological and bodily retailers, with out disturbing the frame’s herbal rhythm. Over 100 years out there, Nutritious complement made with extracts of Cereals and Leguminous, bee-hive honey, sugar and Korean ginseng. Syrup comprised of extracts of wheat, lentils and kidney beans, extract of Korean ginseng over 6 years antique, ethanol (not up to 3.5 %), water, calcium glycerol-phosphate, bee-hive honey and cane sugar. Other folks with a preferable reasonable age of among 20 and 50 years who as a result of their sped up way of life require an support to get rid of bodily and psychological fatigue and to give a boost to their efficiency. CEREGUMIL with Ginseng is used as a nutritional complement to diets and/or unbalanced nutritional regimes. 10ml Within the morning and 10ml at midday, straight or diluted, at meal occasions, for 3 month classes. Within the experience that you just must need to continue the remedy you must abstain for 2 months as a result of the conceivable cumulative impact of the ginseng. The standard dose is thought of as being among 0.5 and 1 g. /day of Panax Ginseng root powder for dietary functions. CEREGUMIL GINSENG supplies 0.35 g of ginseng powder per dose or phial/person dose, and the Beneficial Day-to-day Dose of CEREGUMIL with Ginseng ( spoonfuls or person doses per day) incorporates 0.70 g of ginseng powder/day and 64 kcalories.
It will increase the frame’s talent to combat on a regular basis stress.
It will increase the frame’s total feeling of wellness each {bodilyly} and mentally.
It improves the frame’s reflexes and reaction time.
It improves the frame’s talent to revive itself from a {bodilyly} and mentally demanding day.
CEREGUMIL with Ginseng makes use of White Korean Ginseng over 6 years antique, with a top degree of ginsenosides


















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