Chi’s Enterprise Myosteo 120 caps

Chi’s Undertaking Myosteo, 120 caps

Myosteo is an all herbal method to enhance bone, muscle, and joint therapeutic and energy, and to lend a hand relieve ache related to bones, muscles, joints, or nerves. The combo of herbs in Myosteo had been traditionallly utilized in Chinese language Medication for his or her reported therapeutic and ache relieving homes. 

Myosteo comprises the next: 

Drynaria fortunei

Drynaria is known as the “mender of shattered bones”, and its conventional use in Chinese language Medication is to make stronger therapeutic bones, boost up therapeutic of broken bones and connective tissues, and to lend a hand heal sprains, bruises, stress fractures, and vulnerable joints. Drynaria could also be used to make stronger tooth. The “mender of shattered bones” is reported to advertise tissue regeneration. 

Panax notoginseng

Ginseng is a formidable adaptogenic in conventional Chinese language Medication, supplying stress relieving homes, and embellishing adaptibility and resilience. The active constituents in ginseng come with the saponin ginsenosides, reported to enhance muscle energy and to make stronger staying power. 

Ligusticum chauanxiong

Ligusticum is without doubt one of the most well liked herbs in China, and its root and rhizomes had been used medicinally. The normal use of ligusticum used to be to advertise the go with the flow of blood and qi, dispel wind, for head and neck signs, and relieve ache.

Eucommia ulmoides

Eucommia is a conventional Chinese language treatment for power enhancement and sturdiness. Eucommia used to be used to regard stipulations within the decrease a part of the frame, comparable to decrease again ache and aching knees, and to make stronger the sinews and bones.

This distinctive mixture of herbs historically used to enhance bones, joints, and muscles, boost up therapeutic, make stronger stream, and supply ache relieving results make Myosteo a really perfect selection for somebody desiring enhance

















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