Chlorella Tablets 250 grams – (Mega-Pack 1000 Tablets)

250 grams Chlorella 1 x 250 gram pack (250 mg/tab, 1000 tablets)
These Chlorella Tablets are the BEST!!! We Just pop them in my mouth and chew them like Nuts!

Chlorella is a inexperienced algae. The identify Chlorella derives from Latin phrases which means ‘leaf’ (inexperienced) and ‘small’, relating to the strangely top content material of chlorophyll (the perfect of any recognized plant) which provides Chlorella its feature deep emerald-inexperienced colour. Algae are a bunch of 1-celled vegetation, containing no real root, stem or leaf. This actual contemporary-water, unmarried celled microscopic plant comprises a number of well being development nutrients. Along with chlorophyll it comprises nutrients, minerals, nutritional fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, CGF (Chlorella Enlargement Issue) and different supplies. Below the favorable Enlargement prerequisites of robust daylight, natural water and blank air, Chlorella multiplies at an out of this world charge, your entire copy cycle taking not up to 24 hours. Our Chlorella is produced in Taiwan by way of The Taiwan Chlorella Production Co., Ltd., the arena’s biggest manufacturer of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.
250 grams Chlorella 1 x 250 gram % (250 mg/tab, 1000 Pills)
Those Chlorella Pills are the BEST!!! We Simply pop them in my mouth and bite them like Nuts!











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