Cranberry Benefits

An all-natural, high potency concentrate of Cranberry fruit to support the health of the urinary tract.
Made with 100% Solar Energy. ProCaps Laboratories is helping our environment by conserving energy. We are the only vitamin manufacturing facility in the world using 100% solar power to produce all of our products.
100% Pure – 100% additive-free vitamin formulas with no colors, binders, fillers, lubricants, stabilizers, flowing agents or preservatives.

Andrew Lessman’s Cranberry Advantages is an all-natural, top efficiency, standardized pay attention of Cranberry fruit. Cranberry has been used for hundreds of years as a standard treatment and celebrated for its talent to give a boost to the health of the urinary tract, kidneys and bladder. In latest decades, clinical studies have validated Cranberry’s intensive and wide-ranging health Advantages, which come with Cranberry’s sure have an effect on at the pH of the urinary tract, at the side of its contributing to a healthy balance of protecting friendly flora within the bladder and kidneys. Cranberry Advantages utilizes a 17 to 1 Cranberry pay attention that may be standardized for fruit acids and Proanthocyanidins. Cranberries contain probably the most absolute best levels of robust, protecting compounds (Proanthocyanidins and Anthocyanidins) that scavenge and quench free radicals all over your body before they are able to lead to cellular harm. The Cranberry pay attention hired on this formula possesses an exceptionally top anti-oxidant capacity. It’s rated at the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale at 30,000 per 100 grams. Cranberry fruit also accommodates Vitamin C in nature, so we complement this formula with the day-to-day really helpful intake for Vitamin C. Cranberry is likely one of the healthiest of end result, however till it becomes a staple within the Western diet, be happy to experience our healthy Cranberry Advantages with out the sugar and calories of standard cranberry juice.
An all-natural, top efficiency pay attention of Cranberry fruit to give a boost to the health of the urinary tract.
Made with one hundred% Solar Energy. ProCaps Laboratories helps our surroundings by conserving energy. We are the one vitamin manufacturing facility on the earth the usage of one hundred% solar energy to supply all of our merchandise.
one hundred% Pure – one hundred% additive-free vitamin formulas without a colors, binders, fillers, lubricants, stabilizers, flowing agents or preservatives.
Small Simple to Swallow Capsules, Guaranteed Mild on Your Abdomen
Andrew Lessman demonstrates an owner’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility the usage of one hundred% Solar Energy to manufacture all of his merchandise. All of our supplement bottles are comprised of post-shopper resin and are one hundred% recyclable. Our shipping cartons are one hundred% recyclable. 80% of our Industrial and administrative center waste is recycled. All of those reasons and more make Andrew Lessman’s vitamins the transparent and informed selection for a greener planet and a more healthy you!











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