Custom Essix Plus Super Clear Dental Retainers Upper and Lower

Professional Laboratory Made
Upper and Lower Retainers
1mm Thin Super Clear Retainer

Our retainers are comprised of one layer of 1mm Essix Plus subject material. Essix plus differs from our Usual Essix by being stronger and clearer. This item is for the entire mouth, Higher and lower retainer. (If you want to have 2 uppers or 2 lowers as a substitute please tell us). The fabric is similar thickness as our Essix retainers, but will hold as much as more abuse than Usual Essix subject material. Essix plus could also be clearer than Usual Essix subject material making it less noticeable. Our retainer are designed to stop the teeth from moving or shifting after braces, orthodontic work, or Invisalign. This product won’t move the teeth.

With your order you’ll receive:

2 sets of putty (Part A & B)
2 Adjustable dental tray
2 Go back bags
1 Instruction pamphlet
1 Go back form
1 Prepaid postage Go back label (domestic orders simplest)

To Create:

Adjust the dental tray to the scale of your mouth

The tray may also be made smaller by snapping off a bit(s) of the plastic within the rear of the tray

Vigorously mix both portions (A & B) of putty subject material in combination

Roll into a 4 to 5 inch tube.

Place putty uniformly into the tray and firmly push onto your teeth

It will take about 4 minutes for The fabric to completely harden

Remove tray in a single motion, by pulling either up or down

Rinse tray and seal in enclosed bag

Complete shape and wait 2 weeks to permit your guard to be created

In your Go back package you’ll receive :

1 Set of custom Higher and lower Essix Plus Retainers
1 case (choose color on Go back shape)

Skilled Laboratory Made
Higher and Lower Retainers
1mm Skinny Super Transparent Retainer
Dental Supervised
2x Stronger than Usual Retainers


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