Custom Molded Orthotics Made From A Mold Of Your Feet : Will Fit In A Men and Woman Sneakers Boots Footwear Inserts Etc.

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UNIVERSAL PEDORTHIC SERVICES CUSTOM MOLDED ORTHOTICS, 2 PAIR SPECIAL Universal Pedorthic Service can make you 2 pair of custom molded orthotics precisely like those seen for $350.00 a couple. Universal Pedorthic Service orthotics are one hundred% made, designed, and manufactured from a mildew of your feet. It is a full length, semi ridged orthotic. It’s fabricated with a soleflex rearfoot posting, 1/8″ subortholine shell, and a 1/8″ green spenco with 1/8″ tan cushioned most sensible cover. Universal Pedorthic Service custom made orthotics are great for sensitive feet , sports, and the like. A shoe, sneaker, or boot with a removable insole is needed for this orthotic. Your custom molded orthotics might be designed to accomodate your specific foot condition such as, heel spurs, pronating, pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, metatarsalgia, stability, running, and the like. The Process for ordering 2 pair of custom molded orthotics could be very easy. Place your order through Universal Pedorthic Service. Universal Pedorthic Service will send you a free foam impression box with directions so that you can take a mildew of your feet in a right kind neutral position. You’ll be able to send your foot impression back to Universal Pedorthic Service and we can design, fabricate, and ship to you 2 modern pair of custom molded orthotics throughout the next 7 to 10 business days. Universal Pedorthic Service Orthotics include a 30 day GUARANTEE. For more main points You’ll be able to call Universal Pedorthic Service at 215-776-0981.Thank you for visiting Universal Pedorthic Service Amazon web page. Universal Pedorthic Service look ahead to giving you great service and 2 pair of in reality custom molded orthotics.


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