Denas Device (Russian Scenar technology): Russian language + free English manual

The efficiency of Denas – therapy is 90%!!!
The absolute guarantee safety
The comfort diagnostics and treatment at home, portability, easiness of the use

Denas device 2nd generation uses the process of dynamic electroneuroadaptive stimulation, referred to as Scenar. It’s effective for remedy of acute breathing sicknesses (cold, tonsillitis and the like), headache, toothache, menstrual pain, muscle and joint pain, in addition to osteochondrosis (neck pain, back pain) and plenty of different sicknesses. The device alleviates inflammation, edema and promotes healing of wounds, fractures and burns. The brand new device replaces its precursor the mythical after 8 years of a success sales. The 2010 model has a compact and ergonomic body, a big informative LCD, a countdown timer, further therapeutic frequency of 140 Hz and, more importantly, a plug connector for connection of remote electrodes. The device exposes in two modes: Therapeutic (77 Hz and 140 Hz) and Take a look at (10 Hz). Either one of them can be utilized for diagnostic and remedy General Specifications for device: Batteries: 2 1, 5 V LR6/AA (as a result of the custom rulesnot included). Frequencies: Frequency settings imaginable with the device 10 Hz, 77Hz, 140Hz. The device generates bipolar electric pulses ready to dynamically adapt the changes of the outside impedance.
The potency of Denas – therapy is 90%!!!
Absolutely the ensure safety
The relief diagnostics and remedy at home, portability, easiness of the use
The remedy procedure of DENAS-THERAPY is basically painless
No special medical education is needed at the same time as applying the device


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