EMF Personal Protection Magnet – Multi-Polar Magnet

Personal EMF Protection
SMALL! SIZE of credit card/business card!
Protects from Computers, Cell Phones, iPads.

A bank card-sized magnet can energize your energy field and offer protection to you from electromagnetic radiation. Comprises one magnet. Despite the fact that we will be able to’t and would not wish to eliminate all our electrical appliances, we will be able to offer protection to ourselves. A easy Multi-Polar Magnet, no bigger than a bank card, can energize your energy field and offer protection to you. This small multi-polar magnet may also be placed in a blouse pocket, within a girl’s bra or in a wallet carried at the body. We use very particular magnets that vary from north to south at the same aspect, 4 to 5 times per inch, and they’re beneath 350 gauss regardless of where you measure them. We advise other folks wear this magnet at all times they’re working with computers or around different sturdy electromagnetic environments. Our preference is to wear it all day long, on a daily basis. Why? Electromagnetic pollution is in every single place and is perhaps affecting you. Regularly other folks have more energy and feel higher when they’ve this very particular magnet next to them. Multi-Polar Magnets can be used for pain reduction by hanging them over the painful space and leaving it till the pain lessens or leaves. If this does not assist or makes it worse, move it to the very same location at the opposite aspect of the body. This impact has to do with activating the acupuncture or energy meridians of the body. This credit-card-sized magnet can build up circulation and relieve chronic pain together with: Headaches Carpal tunnel syndrome Aches and pains Tennis elbow Strained muscle issues Bruises Arthritis Old injuries Back pain or spinal issues as a result of the balancing of energy The general public wear the Multi-Polar Magnet all day. A few feel they want more energy and in finding that hanging a couple of beneath their mattress pad in their beds is helping them at night. Multi-Polar Magnets work to assist offer protection to you from the electromagnetic radiation that permeates our lives.
Private EMF Protection
SMALL! SIZE of bank card/industry card!
Protects from Computers, Cellular telephone Phones, iPads.
Will have to have for youngsters, adults & senior voters that use computers!









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