Endevr Lifestrength Children’s Size Negative Ion Armband-Child Size (6″/15.5 cm)

Emotional – 25 out of 25 people tested with Seasonal Affective Depression (S.A.D.) found that an anion treatment proved to be as effective against S.A.D. as antidepressants without the side effects of these drugs.
Immune System – Norwich Union Insurance Group: Reduced incidents of sickness and headaches by 78% when exposed to 1000 anions per C/C
Aging – Dr. Nagao Katsharu, Japan found that skin cells were replaced at 2.5 times normal speed with anions by accelerating the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues.

Legit ENDEVRTM LifeStrength Ion Bracelets function Ion Era and are better with A long way Infrared. They’re created from a relaxed, surgical grade silicone that has been infused with seven herbal minerals that paintings in combination to provide an ion rate. Many of us file waking up feeling extra refreshed, feeling higher general, and having extra power.
Emotional – 25 out of 25 folks examined with Seasonal Affective Despair (S.A.D.) discovered that an anion remedy proved to be as efficient towards S.A.D. as antidepressants with out the unwanted side effects of those medication.
Immune Machine – Norwich Union Insurance coverage Staff: Lowered incidents of illness and complications via seventy eight% whilst exposed to 1000 anions according to C/C
Growing older – Dr. Nagao Katsharu, Japan discovered that pores and skin cells have been changed at 2.5 instances standard speed with anions via accelerating the supply of oxygen to the cells and tissues.
Respiration – Swiss Cloth Mill – sixty six% fewer unwell days whilst exposed to anions at 1000 devices according to C/C.
Psychological Efficiency – Bad Anions building up the drift of oxygen to the brain; leading to upper alertness, diminished drowsiness and extra Psychological power









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