First Endurance Innovative Racing Nutrients MultiV – 1 Case of 12 Bottles

Contains a patented enzyme blend called Carbogen
23% increase in blood glucose levels during high intensity exercise
90 Capsules Per Bottle

Multi-V is the primary multinutrient nutrition that is clinically confirmed to give a boost to staying power The nutrients in Multi-V had been proven to successfully offer protection to athletes from the stresses of workout and to support staying power(1,2,3,4,8,11,12,thirteen). Multi-V is the one multivitamin that Incorporates Carbogen(R), a patented enzyme mix that is been proven in scientific research to support carbohydrate usage and building up time to exhaustion considerably (1). THERE’S NOTHING ELSE LIKE ITMulti-V is not like every other multivitamin to be had. This extraordinary method Incorporates a lot of unique meals (but even so nutrients and minerals) that cope with the original necessities of staying power athletes. Along with having the perfect-high quality, so much bio-to be had nutrients and chelated minerals to be had, this unique staying power components delivers clinically efficient doses of Enzymes, Iron, Inexperienced Tea, Ginkgo Biloba and Omega-3 Fatty Acids (2,10,eleven). Multi-V may be formulated with Ferrochel Iron- a extremely bioavailable supply of Iron that’s non-poisonous and does now not impact the absorption of minerals, like different Iron assets do (four,5,9,10).
Incorporates a patented enzyme mix referred to as Carbogen
23% building up in blood glucose ranges right through prime depth workout
90 Tablets Consistent with Bottle










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