Fitness Labs L-Glutamine Powder

Contains the highest quality, USP grade, pure L-Glutamine powder
For immune and digestive health
Ideal for bodybuilders and athletes engaged in strenuous exercise

L-Glutamine for a Wholesome Frame! Glutamine is perfect for athletes, any person engaged in strenuous workout, for the ones needing to stick Wholesome and the ones all in favour of aging. More Expansion Hormone. Possibly essentially the most enjoyable information for bodybuilders and the ones preventing the aging procedure is glutamine’s impact on Expansion hormone. Expansion hormone is among the Frame’s such a lot anabolic (muscle construction) hormones. A examine of 9 Wholesome athletes reported on within the American Journal of Medical Vitamins confirmed a 440% building up in Expansion hormone inside 90 mins of taking a 2 gram oral dose of L-glutamine after a mild breakfast. Staying power Athletes. Athletes engaged in Staying power-sort sports activities such as lengthy distance working, cycling and triathalons will have to use approximately 5 grams of glutamine proper after workout. Total Well being. Glutamine is essentially the most abundant amino acid within the Frame and is vital for plenty of Frame purposes. It regulates mobile metabolism and acid-base stability. Glutamine serves as fuel for cells of the intestine and immune gadget. It is a precursor for glutathione (an impressive antioxidant) and GABA (the most important neurotransmitter). It additionally regulates mobile phone quantity and is a key construction block of protein and muscle. While you are taking glutamine, you supply your Frame with some of the vital fuels it wishes to stick Wholesome.
Comprises the very best quality, USP grade, pure L-Glutamine powder
For immune and digestive Well being
Perfect for bodybuilders and athletes engaged in strenuous workout
For the ones all in favour of aging and Total Well being










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