Foam Leg Pillow – Leg Elevator (Beige) (25″L X 20″W X 11″H)

Color: Beige
Size: 25″L X 20″W X 11″H
Elevates Legs for Better Rest

Get a greater rest with this cutting edge foam leg give a boost to pillow. Leg elevation is very beneficial for increasing blood circulation and offering relief from leg cramping, decrease back pain, and muscle spasms. It is also a really perfect resolution for discomfort because of pregnancy weight gain. This leg elevator pillow is layered with NASA-utilized, self-molding memory foam which contours and cradles you for final Convenience. Its zip-off plush terry knit quilt is simple to deal with and cushy to touch! The layers may also be adjusted for final, custom designed Convenience. Made in the us. Assembly stage/level of problem: No Assembly Required. Made in The us
Colour: Beige
Dimension: 25″L X 20″W X eleven”H
Elevates Legs for Higher Rest
SpaceAge Memory Foam Contours & Cradles
Adjustable Layers for Customized Convenience


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