Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

Monitor your sleep
Long battery life

You know the active steps you’re taking now can make stronger your overall wellness as of late, the next day to come and neatly into your long term. And whilst it kind of feels easy to get out of that chair more incessantly and move, making it stick is any other matter. That is where vívofit can flip excellent intentions into lifelong habits. It is the simplest activity tracker that greets you with a customized Day-to-day goal, tracks your progress and reminds you when it is time to move. Personalised Day-to-day Goals vívofit learns your current activity level, then assigns an potential Day-to-day goal. As you meet your milestones, vívofit will adjust your goal for the following day, regularly nudging you toward a more fit way of life. At Garmin Connect, our free on-line fitness community, You’ll earn virtual badges and examine your progress. Tells Time and “Time to Move” Analysis presentations prolonged periods of inaction such as sitting at a desk decreases your body’s production of fat-burning enzymes. You’ll reverse that effect by taking frequent, short walk breaks during your day. And whilst it’s possible you’ll lose track of time and fail to remember to transport, vívofit is aware of. A red move bar seems on the display after 1 hour of inaction and builds while you’ve been sitting too long. Simply walk for a few mins to reset the move bar. Stay Moving When you find yourself able to take the following steps toward better health, vívofit has further features to Stay you motivated. Get accurate calorie burn data for any fitness activity, such as a run or a cardio class on the gym. At Garmin Connect, You’ll sign up for on-line challenges with different vívofit users or get started your personal competition with buddies to compete for virtual badges and bragging rights. At all times On vívofit follows your progress 24/7, and it may keep on for more than a year and not using a battery change. Set the sleep mode while you go to bed and vívofit will monitor your rest. At Garmin Connect, You’ll see your total sleep hours in addition to periods of movement and restful sleep. The vívofit band
Monitor your sleep
Long battery life















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