GNC Pro Performane L-Glutamine

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in the skeletal muscles.
Glutamine plays a pivotal role in the nitrogen balance in the body
Prolonged high-intensity exercise has been shown to decrease glutamine levels, which may result in glutamine deficiency.

Unfastened-Shape Amino Acid 750mg Consistent with Tablet No Sugar No Starch No Synthetic Colours or Flavors Sodium Unfastened No Wheat, Soy Glutton or Corn Yeast Unfastened No Dairy L-Glutamine serves as gasoline for the immune machine, it will supply an anti-catabolic impact and is desirous about protein synthesis. * Research have proven that severe workout might give a contribution to the depletion of glutamine within the muscle mass due to this fact, leading to a catabolic reaction. * Including Professional Efficiency L-Glutamine after severe workout might lend a hand in keeping up glutamine shops. *Those statements have now not been evaluated by way of the Meals Drug Management. EM Efficiency tested by way of GNC process #5014 Conforms to USP 2091 for weight. Meets USP 2040 disintegration. Questions? name or discuss with 180 Pills
Glutamine is among the so much plentiful amino acids discovered within the skeletal muscle mass.
Glutamine performs a pivotal position within the nitrogen steadiness within the frame
Extended top-depth workout has been proven to lower glutamine ranges, which might lead to glutamine deficiency.
Helps Muscle Serve as all the way through and after workout
FREE-FORM AMINO ACID , 1500 mg Consistent with Serving










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