Gopal’s Japanese Power Wraps (24-pack)

100% Raw, 96% Organic Nori Wraps;
Gluten Free;
High Enzyme;

Nori-Wrapped Energy Sticks make a perfect snack. We soak and germinate our seeds and nuts for enhanced nutrition and assimilation. Our Power Wraps are dehydrated at 108° to preserve the enzymes, and we use the cleanest fish-free nori to be had. Nori adds flavor in addition to helpful nutrients and minerals which can be found abundantly within the ocean. Our merchandise are Certified Organic by means of CCOF (certified USDA Organic), and they’re sprouted, raw, gluten-free and vegan. Power Wraps are perfect for sports activity such as biking, mountain climbing, workouts when fast energy is needed, or in between foods. Additionally, Power Wraps are nice as a dinner time enhancer. Such a lot of flavors to make a choice from to thrill somebody’s pallet, loaded with helpful B-nutrients. Very nourishing – very satisfying. Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Unpasturized Miso (Organic Brown Rice, Organic Whole Soybeans, Mountain Spring Water, Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae), Natural Sea Salt), Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Ginger Juice, Organic Nori, Wasabi Powder (Horseradish, Mustard, Dried Whole Wasabi), Organic Spirulina and Celtic Sea Salt ®. Simply manufactured. Promoting by means of and shipping from the manufacturer.
one hundred% Raw, ninety six% Organic Nori Wraps;
Gluten Free;
Top Enzyme;
All natural, made with Sprouted seeds and Jap spices;
2 wraps per bag; basket of 24 luggage.


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