GoWear fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System

Clinically proven to accurately track calories, steps, physical activity levels and sleep efficiency
Helps you set healthy weight loss goals – and reach them
Easy-to-use Online Activity Manager helps you monitor your progress over time

Do you ever wonder what number of calories you burn playing with the children? Or what number of steps you’re taking with a view to work? GoWear are compatible is a clinically proven system that turns your body’s on a regular basis information into a tool that will help you manage a healthy way of life. The GoWear are compatible armband measures what number of calories you burn, what number of steps you’re taking, how physically active you might be, and what kind of sleep you are getting.

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Simply wear it right through the course of your regular day, then plug it into your computer and upload your data on your personal GoWear are compatible Online Activity Manager. The Manager will allow you to establish your goals, track your progress, and come up with tools that will help you know the way many calories you are eating, on average, per day.

Wish to know the way you are doing at the moment? Purchase the optional GoWear are compatible display and clip it onto your shirt, pants, or bag. It is going to come up with minute-to-minute updates to your data–all day, each day! The GoWear are compatible Online Activity Manager is FREE for 3 months with Amazon purchase. A small subscription fee applies thereafter: $6.95 per thirty days with a 12-month commitment, $9.95 per thirty days for a six-month commitment, or $12.95 per thirty days and not using a commitment.


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The System
The GoWear are compatible system isn’t the same as all other performance monitors available on the market. It isn’t a heart-rate monitor, a GPS device, or a easy pedometer. As an alternative, it is a system that comes with:

  • GoWear are compatible multi-sensor armband
  • GoWear are compatible Online Activity Manager (subscription primarily based)
  • GoWear are compatible minute-to-minute display (optional)

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Multi-Sensor Armband
Your armband is a small computer that measures a lot of physical characteristics, including motion, steps, galvanic skin response, skin temperature, and heat flux. It is the best multi-sensor monitor that may appropriately track:

  • Calorie burn
  • Physical activity
  • Steps taken
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep efficiency

Your GoWear are compatible has a couple of sensors. The ones innovative sensors take five different “views” of your life:


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GoWear are compatible Online Activity Manager
Your Online Activity Manager is a customized Internet page that Is helping you see the tips collected by your armband, including:

  • Daily caloric expenditure
  • Daily caloric intake according to a nutritional tool with more than 30,000 foods to make a choice from
  • Calorie balance
  • Total physical activity (sedentary, moderate, and full of life)
  • Total steps taken
  • Sleep duration and efficiency

The Manager is what makes it imaginable so that you can view your data. It also features tools that can help you set goals, record your weight and waist circumference, assess your average day-to-day caloric intake, print reports for later review, and monitor your body’s progress through the years.

Your per thirty days subscription offers you unlimited get admission to on your data, the nutritional assessment tool, printable reports, and the facility to peer your trends as much as 90 days at a time.

Clinically proven to appropriately track calories, steps, physical activity levels and sleep efficiency
Is helping you set healthy weight loss goals – and succeed in them
Simple-to-use Online Activity Manager Is helping you monitor your progress through the years
Optional Display offers you minute-to-minute updates





















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