Helly Hansen Warm Freeze 1/2 Zip Mens Long Underwear Top

Non itch, 1/2 zip opening
1/2 Zip turtle designed for cold weather activities
Lifa thermic tube technology (T3) mimics the performance of polar bear fur

The most productive wool base layer available on the market. Combining the original LIFA fiber technology next to skin to keep you dry, with a premium merino wool exterior with superior insulating and wicking properties.
Stay heat and comfortable at the same time as at the slopes or within the mountains with the Helly Hansen men’s Freeze 1/2-zip turtle. The turtle is made the usage of hollow Lifa Thermic Tube Technology (T3), a light-weight, dual-layer design that mimics the fur of polar bears. This mean’s the garment’s hollow-core Lifa fibers sit down next to the outside to insulate the higher body and wick away moisture superbly. The outer layer, meanwhile, is made from super-fine merino wool that is notably heat yet itch-free. There is not any better protection for ultra-chilly days whether or not you might be skiing in rough conditions or looking to live to tell the tale an unpleasant winter cold spell. Other main points come with a half-zip neckline, flat lock stitching, and occasional bulk cuffs.

About Helly Hansen
For more than 130 years, Helly Hansen has been at the vanguard of product development and innovation. Since 1877, when sea captain Helly Juell Hansen made his first oilskin water-resistant jackets, the corporate has pushed the bounds of material technologies. Helly and his wife Maren Margrethe gathered a stock of coarse linen and linseed oil. They designed and sewed jackets, trousers, and sou’wester hats for ocean use. Then Helly Juell applied oil to the clothes and dried them before an open fire. Helly Hansen’s waterproofs were an ideal luck. In that first year, 1877, they produced and sold 2,000 items, from clothes to tarpaulins. Inside five years they sold 10,000 pieces.

The business was once officially formed in 1877. Helly Hansen was once at the map, but his enquiring mind continually sought to diversify. He knew that the primary of lightweight water-resistant fabrics should have more than one applications. The important thing to luck was once checking out all his products before they were offered for sale. Quality was once an important. Helly Hansen’s technical specifications were prime, and so were the costs. But demand for his product continued to grow.

A few years later and with a large number of new fabrics and technologies to be had, the evolution of breathable, water-resistant jackets had a profound effect at the outside industry. Now everyone who participated in prime-activity sport may be expecting their clothing to work with them, now not against them. It was once a tremendous catalyst. From its roots in providing sturdy, water-resistant clothing for fishermen, Helly Hansen now designed technical garments, base, insulation, and protective layers.

Now, more than 130 years since Helly started his work, Helly Hansen is a world company and is represented in additional than 20 countries, with more than 500 individual product lines for men, girls, and kids. Helly Hansen supplies technical clothing for workwear and action sports for all seasons.

Non itch, 1/2 zip opening
1/2 Zip turtle designed for chilly weather activities
Lifa thermic tube technology (T3) mimics the performance of polar undergo fur
Hollow core Lifa fibers insulate the body and wick away moisture
Super fine merino wool outer layer is terribly heat and itch free
1/2 Zip neckline, flat lock stitching, and occasional bulk cuffs


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