Hemoon Men’s Running Trousers

Machine washable
Adjustable fabric drawcord for custom
Comfort flex waistband

Measurement Knowledge:
XS – Duration: 103cm, Waist: 74cm, Thigh: 62.1cm, Calf: 33.2cm, Hip: 104.5cm, Inseam Duration: 75.5cm
S – Duration: 104cm, Waist: 76cm, Thigh: 64.4cm, Calf: 34.2cm, Hip: 108.5cm, Inseam Duration: 76cm
M – Duration: 105cm, Waist: 78cm, Thigh: 66.7cm, Calf: 35.2cm, Hip: 112.5cm, Inseam Duration: 76.5cm
L – Duration: 106cm, Waist: 80cm, Thigh: 69cm, Calf: 36.7cm, Hip: 116.5cm, Inseam Duration: 77cm
XL – Duration: 107cm, Waist: 82cm, Thigh: 71.3cm, Calf: 38.2cm, Hip: 120.5cm, Inseam Duration: 77.5cm

Measurement Knowledge: (inch)
XS – Duration: 40.fifty five”, Waist: 29.thirteen”, Thigh: 24.forty five”, Calf: 13.07″, Hip: 41.14″, Inseam Duration:29.seventy two”
S – Duration: 40.ninety four”, Waist: 29.ninety two”, Thigh: 25.35″, Calf: 13.forty six”, Hip: 42.seventy two”, Inseam Duration:29.ninety two”
M – Duration: 41.34″, Waist: 30.seventy one”, Thigh: 26.25″, Calf: 13.eighty five”, Hip: 44.21″, Inseam Duration:30.18″
L – Duration: 41.seventy three”, Waist: 31.50″, Thigh: 27.17″, Calf: 14.forty five”, Hip: 45.86″, Inseam Duration:30.31″
XL – Duration: 42.thirteen”, Waist: 32.28″, Thigh: 28.07″, Calf: 15.04″, Hip: 47.forty four”, Inseam Duration:30.fifty one”

Machine cleanable
Adjustable material drawcord for customized
Convenience flex waistband
Aspect Wallet
Appropriate for working,basketball,yoga and different outdoorliving


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