Honeywell Germ Free HCM-350 Humidifier ( 2 Gallon Capacity )

Reduce 99.9 percent of water-bred germs, mold and bacteria for your health
Runs up to 24 hours on a full tank Produces up to 25 percent less noise than other models
Self-regulating system adjusts output based on moisture in the air to maintain optimal humidity

Soothe your skin, treat your allergies, and offer protection to your own home against peeling wallpaper or cracks in paint with this cool-mist humidifier from Honeywell. This unit will increase the moisture of the air for your room, easing the results that dry air may have in your circle of relatives’s health and your own home’s interior. Ultraviolet technology sanitizes the water on this humidifier to scale back water-bred contaminants by 99.9 %, so you’ll be able to breathe simple and revel in peace of mind. With a tank that runs as much as 24 hours on a single fill and is dishwasher-secure, this at hand humidifier is a low-upkeep will have to-have for your own home. Weighs 9.6 pounds Materials: Plastic, metal Dishwasher secure Measures 18.6 inches long x 13.1 inches wide x 10.5 inches top
Cut back 99.9 % of water-bred germs, mildew and bacteria to your health
Runs as much as 24 hours on an entire tank Produces as much as 25 % less noise than different models
Self-regulating system adjusts output in response to moisture within the air to deal with optimal humidity
Protects antimicrobial clear out for secure use
Works in medium-sized rooms, such as your lounge or bedroom


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