Insan Ultimate Purple 9X Bamboo Salt (Crystal) 60g

Ultimate Purple 9X Bamboo salt (Jukyeom) contains over 80 trace minerals
The high alkaline levels in Ultimate Purple 9X helps to create pH balance within the body
Bamboo Salt is a powerful antioxidant and offers many health benefits

Bamboo Salt was once initially created by Korean herbalist, Dr. Insan in 1917 and has since then been really useful to folks’s health and diets. Final PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is ocean-harvested at the Western sea coast of Korea the usage of organic, sustainable strategies. Final PURPLE 9X historically takes over 3 years to create, following a painstakingly detailed means. The salt is sun-dried, deposited in bamboo tubes grown for no less than 3 years and capped with mineral-wealthy clay. The bamboo tubes are placed in a pine-picket furnace and roasted 9 times to get rid of impurities and chemicals. Consequently, a top alkaline salt with a savory sulfur flavor. Final PURPLE 9X is helping to revive the body’s natural alkaline balance, an very important key to keeping up a healthy existence
Final Purple 9X Bamboo salt (Jukyeom) incorporates over 80 trace minerals
The top alkaline levels in Final Purple 9X is helping to create pH balance inside the body
Bamboo Salt is a formidable antioxidant and gives many health advantages
The method of roasting lets in Final Purple 9X Bamboo salt to be freed from pollutants
Distinctive salt to due the special process of roasting 9 times in a ocher clay covered bamboo tube


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