Integrative Therapeutics – UBQH 100mg (60 Softgels)

UBQH has been demonstrated to increase plasma levels of total CoQ10 up to 62
UBQH uses patented processing that prevents oxidation and ensures a stable supplement
Demonstrated to increase serum levels 200% more than CoQ10

The nutritional supplement CoQ10 (ubiquinone) is repeatedly prescribed for cardiovascular, neurological, immune beef up, and anti-aging care.* Then again, with a purpose to receive advantages the frame, the CoQ10 should be converted to its bioactive and reduced shape – ubiquinol (QH). Even as it’s true that our our bodies can convert CoQ10 to QH, it’s not true that all of us do that similarly neatly.

UBQH, a patented type of active ubiquinol in an Unique, clinically studied delivery system, is acceptable for the ones folks which might be experiencing a natural decline in CoQ10 production related to aging, the ones whose DNA does now not permit correct processing of CoQ10, or the ones now not experiencing effects with their current CoQ10 supplement.*

The use of a patented stabilization procedure, UBQH delivers the bioactive type of CoQ10. Integrative Therapeutics’ Unique and patented stable and reduced type of CoQ10 can give you the direct supplementation that mere CoQ10 can’t.

Patented Stabilized Reduced Ubiquinol
Such a lot active type of CoQ10 – as much as 8 x the absorption

UBQHTM supplies essentially the most active CoQ10, ubiquinol. UBQH is designed particularly for the ones folks whose DNA can’t correctly procedure CoQ10 or the ones which might be experiencing a natural decline in CoQ10 production related to aging. *

ITI® proof-based totally natural drugs are the one selection of doctors who depend at the truth base of premier science to ship patient effects.

*This observation has now not been evaluated by means of the Food and Drug Management. This product isn’t meant to diagnose, deal with, cure, or save you any disease.
UBQH has been demonstrated to extend plasma ranges of total CoQ10 as much as 62
UBQH makes use of patented processing that forestalls oxidation and ensures a stable supplement
Demonstrated to extend serum ranges 2 hundred% greater than CoQ10
Clinically shown to extend ejection fractions by means of 24 to 50 p.c
Unique, patented formulation containing ubiquinol














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