J.CROW’S Lugol’s Solution of Iodine 5%

Lowest heavy metals rating by the Natural News Forensic Food Lab.
Strongest solution legally available
Sourced from USA mined crystals. Not from shellfish or kelp. Always fresh. Does not expire.

Similar to USP or Upper. Calculating Selection of MG’s of Iodine and Potassium Iodide per Drop of Lugol’s Answer: LUGOL’S 5 P.c: Each and every single vertical drop is set 6.25 mg’s of iodine/potassium iodide. as 2.5 mg iodine, 3.75 mg potassium iodide. Two vertical drops is set 12.50 mg’s of iodine/potassium iodide, as 5.0 mg iodine, 7.50 mg potassium iodide. Approximately 600 vertical drops per 1 ounces. container. A vertical drop method to carry the dropper cap vertically whilst dispensing a drop. Now not holding the dropper at an perspective. To make use of as a water air purifier add 2-3 drops per liter of water. Within the book People Drugs, Dr. Jarvis wrote… the entire blood Within the body passes throughout the thyroid gland each 17 mins. For the reason that cells making up this gland have an affinity for iodine, all over this 17 minute passage the gland’s secretion of iodine kills susceptible germs that can have gained entry into the blood via an damage to the outside, the liner of nose or throat, or via absorption of food from the digestive tract. Robust, virulent germs are rendered weaker all over their passage throughout the thyroid gland. With Each and every 17 mins that rolls around they’re made nonetheless weaker till in spite of everything they’re killed if the gland has its customary provide of iodine. If it does Now not, it can’t kill damaging germs circulating Within the blood as Nature supposed it must. Jarvis Disclaimer. Although Dr. Jarvis refers back to the many qualities of Lugol’s Answer it’s presented here best as a talisman. We’re conscious about its regular use up to now as a basic function traditional disinfectant on the other hand, we make no claims with respect to its efficacy for any function by any means. These statements have Now not been evaluated by way of the FDA. This product isn’t supposed to diagnose, treat, cure or save you any disease.
Lowest heavy metals rating by way of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab.
Most powerful Answer legally to be had
Sourced from USA mined crystals. Now not from shellfish or kelp. All the time recent. Does Now not expire.
Approximately 600 vertical drops per 1oz bottle




















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