K-fit Kegel Toner for Men – Electric Pelvic Muscle Exerciser for Automatic Kegels

K-fit is an EMS device designed to assist men tone and tighten their pelvic floor. Many of us do not realize that men have a pelvic floor that may be strengthened with Kegel exercises, just as women do. These muscles can also be consciously controlled and trained just like your abs and biceps. As with every muscle, regular workouts will make the pelvic floor stronger. Isolating these muscles with conscious effort can also be difficult, but with K-fit all of the guesswork is got rid of. You can receive an intense, isolated workout within the privacy of your home, even even as performing other tasks, including your regular full-body regimen! With consistent use the common user reports noticeable leads to lower than two weeks. Your kit will include the whole lot had to get you up and running, including an ergonomically designed probe that may be just 1/2 inch in diameter. What does it feel like…? After inserting your probe and selecting the settings that best possible fit your needs, your workout will begin. As you exercise, you’re going to feel your muscles pull up, tighten, after which chill out again. It doesn’t hurt and it’s NOT like being shocked. Your K-fit Kegel Toner for Men will include a toning unit, male probe, two long connecting wires in your included probe in addition to an optional attachment sold one after the other, a user guide, and storage bag. K-fit can’t be used; even as pregnant, when you have been fitted with a metal IUD, or when you have a pacemaker.


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