Karuna – Yin Chiao 2 oz

Karuna – Yin Chiao Extract 2oz

Complement Data
Serving Measurement 40 drops
Servings in step with box 44
Quantity in step with serving

Conventional Yin Chiao (Yin Qiao) Formulation ** 164 mg

Different Foods: purified water, alcohol 25%, honey, vegetable glycerin, and peppermint oil.

**five:1 Focused Natural Extract: Forsythia (Fruit), Eastern Honeysuckle (flower), Burdock (fruit), Chinese language Mint (herb), Platycodon (root), Chinese language Licorice (root), Phragmites (rhizome), Soy (bean), Lophatherum (herb), Schizonepeta (herb).

Instructed Use fro Adults: 40 drops, 3 instances day-to-day, for 2 to 3 weeks, or as directed through your well being care practitioner. Permit one week holiday earlier than resuming.

Are seeking for skilled scientific recommendation if pregnant or nursing.


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