L-Theanine Calm-Plex with GABA and 5-HTP (Suntheanine) (100 mg, 60 medium capsules) by ProHealth

Synergistic formula enhances mood & well-being. Relaxes the brain without drowsiness
Maximum calming effects from brain-quieting GABA & support for optimal mood levels from 5-HTP
L-Theanine Calm-plex is a synergistic formula that effectively combines L-Theanine with GABA and 5-HTP for relaxation plus mood support. L-Theanine Calm-Plex uses Suntheanine® brand L-theanine, the purest form of L-theanine available, to deliver maximum calming effects. With 46 international patents Suntheanine® promotes relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety and irritability all without making you feel drowsy. Women can also reduce symptoms of PMS with this innovative formula.

Jap Inexperienced Tea is a formidable antioxidant that may be extensively utilized to cut back common pressure and advertise tranquility. Probably the most primary parts of Inexperienced tea is the amino acid L-Theanine. Analysis has proven that L-Theanine can building up ranges of GABA, a mind chemical identified for its calming results, and dopamine, which will advertise temper enhancement. L-Theanine is non-drowsy, and will even building up psychological center of attention and focus because it promotes a enjoyable way of thinking.
Synergistic system complements temper & smartly-being. Relaxes the mind with out drowsiness
Most calming results from mind-quieting GABA & enhance for highest quality temper ranges from five-HTP
L-Theanine Calm-plex is a synergistic system that successfully combines L-Theanine with GABA and five-HTP for leisure plus temper enhance. L-Theanine Calm-Plex makes use of Suntheanine® logo L-theanine, the purest type of L-theanine to be had, to ship Most calming results. With 46 global patents Suntheanine® promotes leisure, reduces pressure, anxiousness and irritability all with out making you are feeling drowsy. Ladies too can cut back signs of PMS with this cutting edge system.
Serving dimension: 1 pill. Servings according to box: 60. Gluten unfastened.
Every pill incorporates: 100 mg Suntheanine L-Theanine, 275 mg GABA, 10 mg five-HTP









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