Make pillows or pads to lay on sore joints.
Place some in bowls around your home or office for healing energies.
Enhance performance of just about everything!

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Laminar Mica Crystals have the potential of soaking up and transmitting top vibration frequencies required for therapeutic the frame, ripening produce, calming other people and animals, and extra! WHAT IS MICA, ANYWAY? Mica comes from a flat skinny sheet stone discovered within the Rocky Mountains. The construction of this distinctive product has the capability to assemble and transmit vibration frequencies from the ambient loose energies of the universe, which can be required for therapeutic the human frame. Whilst positioned in water or is available in touch with the human frame the power pulses from Mica Crystals restructure water into skinny water, which permeates mobile membranes. Customers are recognized to revel in greater power ranges. Intuitives say that Mica Crystals have the facility to noticeably opposite the getting old procedure, repair serve as to many portions of the frame and cut back arthritic ache.
Make pillows or pads to put on sore joints.
Position a few in bowls round your house or workplace for therapeutic energies.
Strengthen efficiency of as regards to the whole thing!
Sprinkle a few for your footwear to energise your legs all day!
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