Large Industrial First Aid Kit

This four-shelf commercial first help station meets and exceeds OSHA suggestions for companies, places of work and paintings web sites. The swing-out door and simple-to-elevate maintain upload further comfort. Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI Usual fill necessities. Description 1.000 EACH MFP HW 7/8X3 WOVEN STRIP 505 1.000 EACH MFP HW WOVEN FINGERTIP 40s 1.000 EACH MFP HW WVN KNUCKLE 40s 1.000 EACH MFP 1X3 PLASTIC STRIP 100S 1.000 EACH MFP ANTISEPTIC WIPES XL 20S 1.000 EACH MFP 3×3 Strle Gauze 25s 1.000 EACH MF Bum Spray Pump 2oz 1.000 EACH Ammonia Wipes (10) 1.000 EACH Burnaid Unit Dose 118oz 2.000 EACH three” Cottontip Applcator1 Os 1.000 EACH Adhesive Tape 1/2 x5 yd 1.000 EACH Bloodstopper Compress 9X5 (1s) 0.100 EA 2″x3″ non-adh strle 1OOs 1.000 EACH Tri.Bandage non-strl 1s + pins 2.000 EACH Disposable Vinyl Gloves Pair/L 1.000 EACH FIRST AID HANDBOOK STD 1.000 EACH 2-SHLF CABINET SIDE DOOR WPCKT 1.000 EACH Ice Percent smiboxed EACH 1.000 EACH WIRE SCISSORS 4.five” 0.010 EA Disposable Tweezers one hundred/bag STD 1.000 EACH MFP Antacid 100s STD 1.000 EACH MFP Ache Zappers 1OOs 1.000 EACH MFP Tri-Antibiotic0intment(25) 1.000 EACH MFP 4oz Eyewash


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