Liquid oxygen drops Stabilized liquid oxygen drops world vitamin 0 nutrition oxy ko7

Premium Liquid Oxygen Drops
4 oz. size
Take 10 Drops in 8 oz. of water twice a day

Usually ships in 24 hours

Your frame cannot function at its top with out enough ranges of oxygen for your blood Your frame incorporates extra oxygen than every other part! Oxygen makes up about 65 p.c of the human frame and 90 p.c of the frame’s existence power is created by means of oxygen. Together with meals, oxygen is the main nutrient wanted for repairs, expansion and service of all of your cells and tissues. Your frame makes use of oxygen to convert vitamins into power and warmth. The extra power or heat your frame wishes the extra oxygen is ate up. Proper this minute, loads of hundreds of reactions are happening for your frame – from the synthesis of chemicals, the transportation of molecules to the assimilation of vitamins from the digestive tract, and muscle contraction, to call only some… On account of those advanced reactions your immune machine is in a position to combat viruses and infections; your center is in a position to pump blood, and your fearful machine and mind to procedure knowledge.4 oz.. box most effective $four in line with ounce best possible high quality HIGHEST QUALITY OF CONCENTRATED STABILIZED LIQUID OXYGEN. THIS BOTTLE WILL LAST YOU MONTHS. OVER 250 SERVINGS. OUR CONTAINER HAS 4X MORE THAN MOST. IT IS 4 0Z. YOU ONLY USE 10 DROPS PER 8-12OZ OF LIQUID. YOU CAN NOT BUY A BETTER BRAND OR QUALITY AS FAR AS STABILIZED LIQUID OXYGEN GOES… YOU WILL LOVE OUR PRICES. OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND OUR QUALITY OF PRODUCTS.PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS HIGH IN PH DO NOT TAKE DROPS DIRECTLY ON TONG DILUTE WITH LIQUID FIRST. INGREDIENTS: HIGH LEVELS OF DIATOMIC OXYGEN STABILIZED IN WATER

Liquid Oxygen

Top rate Liquid Oxygen Drops
4 oz.. dimension
Take 10 Drops in 8 oz.. of water two times an afternoon
Over 250 servings
Give a boost to immune machine



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