LM 911 8 Ounces

LM-911 is a singular formula of 70 very important minerals obtained from the Nice Salt Lake in Utah. It’s the so much simply assimilated mineral formula to be had. LM-911 is composed of sea water drawn from condensed pools of water over 30 ft beneath the skin of the Nice Salt Lake in Utah, then triple filtered to assure ultra-purity. It incorporates a concentration of minerals in a naturally occuring ionic state that is similar to the mineral composition of healthy human blood. It’s top in very assimilable kinds of magnesium (250 mg averge per half of teaspoon), yet low in sodium(four.5 mg averge per half of teaspoon). In relation to cellular telephone uptake, LM-911 is the nearest oral type of mineral supplementation to IV. It’s some distance more cost effective simple to take, and since it’s so neatly absorbed into cells, requires lesser doses than oral chelated or different kinds.


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