Marine Collagen Peptides

A unique formulation of natural marine-based Collagen specifically designed to support the health and structure of cells and tissues within the body, particularly those of the skin and joints. This formula delivers its benefits without unnecessary additives, preservatives or impurities and it mixes easily and instantly making it convenient to add to any drink.
Made with 100% Solar Energy. We are the only vitamin manufacturing facility in the world using 100% solar power to produce all of our products.
100% Pure – No Artificial Additives, Fillers or Colors.

Andrew Lessman’s MARINE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES delivers a mix of highly absorbable Collagen Peptides in particular decided on for his or her ability to advertise the healthy Collagen structure of our Skin, Hair and Nails, in addition to our Joints, Bones and Blood Vessels. This formula’s pure Collagen Protein mixes easily with water and is flavor-neutral, even as also naturally freed from carbohydrate, sugar, lactose, fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is usually non-GMO (No longer Genetically Modified) and incorporates no added flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Collagen is, by some distance, the main structural protein within the body, contributing up to 30% of the body’s entire protein content. It’s central to the structure of our skin, joints and blood vessels, since we can not create these tissues with out Collagen. One can not believe the health of our skin, bones, blood vessels, joints or connective tissue with out recognizing the dominant role that Collagen protein plays. It is because of this that Collagen is added to such a lot of attractiveness products, from moisturizers and anti-aging creams to shampoos and conditioners. Sadly, slathering Collagen Protein on our bodies does nothing to assist the structure of those tissues and for sure can not impact our joints, bones and blood vessels. The one method we will impact these tissues is by delivering the necessary Collagen Peptides where they’re wanted – within our body. Our skin’s appearance, in particular as we age, will depend on the structure provided by Collagen Protein. As we age, the integrity and elasticity of our skin is undermined by changes within the Collagen structure that in the past provided the surface’s youthful firmness, elasticity and resilience. Our Marine Collagen Peptides provide a pure, simple-to-use and economical source of this crucial structural molecule. These statements have No longer been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure or save you any disease.
A singular formulation of natural marine-primarily based Collagen in particular designed to enhance the health and structure of cells and tissues throughout the body, in particular the ones of the surface and joints. This formula delivers its advantages with out needless additives, preservatives or impurities and it mixes easily and right away making it convenient so as to add to any drink.
Made with one hundred% Solar Energy. We are The one vitamin manufacturing facility on the planet the use of one hundred% solar energy to provide all of our products.
one hundred% Pure – No Synthetic Additives, Fillers or Colors.
ProCaps Laboratories is committed to naturally enhancing health by creating the safest, purest and so much effective supplements.
Andrew Lessman demonstrates an owners commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility the use of one hundred% Solar Energy to manufacture all of his products. All of our Supplement bottles are made out of post-consumer resin and are one hundred% recyclable










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