MealEnders Signaling Lozenges, Weight Loss Portion Control Diet Aid, 25-Count Pouch

New way to help beat overeating, master portion control, and curb snacking
Works by signaling the mouth and the mind that it’s time to stop eating
Easy to integrate into routine; just savor (don’t chew) one whenever you feel the urge to overindulge

MealEnders are drug- and stimulant-free “Signaling Lozenges,” designed to assist folks keep away from overeating and grasp element regulate Through ridding the mouth and thoughts of the need to eat greater than wanted. Their duo-sensory style machine rewards and resets the style buds — a shot of dessert adopted Through a fresh palate cleanse. In contrast to excessive diets, meal replacements, appetite suppressants or dietary supplements that center of attention only for your abdomen, MealEnders work with the frame’s herbal hunger rhythms the use of a mix of behavioral psychology and sensory science. Through keeping your mouth and thoughts occupied for as much as 20 mins (the Overeating Zone-the duration while persons are full, however continue to eat), MealEnders naturally transition you away from the need to overindulge, giving your frame’s herbal satiety procedure time to catch up. Through the years, they are able to assist the frame regulate to suitable element sizes and advertise more conscious consuming. MealEnders are a protected and sustainable approach to curb your appetite.**No Medicine*No Stimulants*No Herbs*No Synthetic Sweeteners*Gluten Free*Kosher**
New approach to assist beat overeating, grasp element regulate, and curb snacking
Works Through signaling the mouth and the thoughts that it is time to prevent consuming
Simple to combine into routine; simply savor (do not bite) one every time you are feeling the urge to overindulge
Patent pending, stimulant-free, and most effective 15 calories per nice-tasting lozenge
Makes use of behavioral and sensory science to assist teach the thoughts and frame to eat wholesome, proper-sized parts











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