Min-Col, MinCol, Min Col – Calcium Phosphate

powerful calcium and mineral supplement for adults and children!
66 minerals in colloidal form – easy absorption – completely natural
324 mg of elemental calcium per serving

MincolTM or Min-ColTM, is brief for mineral colloids. This is a supplement of Colloidal size particles extracted from pure cushy rock phosphate, mined in Florida, USA. Min-Col is a supply of calcium and 65 different minerals in a phosphate colloidal shape making it simple for the body to soak up the vitamins it wishes. The calcium and minerals contained in Min-ColTM make up for the vitamins so frequently no longer present in our meals lately.

Min-ColTM is superb for bones, teeth, and fingernails. If the ones aren’t mineral deficient, all of your body isn’t mineral deficient. Tooth decay and cavities are a right away results of a deficiency of the type of minerals in Min-Col. Ridges in your fingernails display that you’ve got a deficiency of the phosphate type of calcium, that’s abundant in Min-Col. Min-ColTM provides calcium and phosphate which are crucial for traditional bone formation. If you aren’t getting sufficient calcium, or in case your body does no longer take in sufficient calcium from the diet, bone production and bone tissues might suffer, and might lead to osteoporosis.

Min-ColTM will rebuild the bones, fingernails and teeth in addition to provide colloid minerals for tall he different tissues and organs.

There may be nothing available on the market that equals the bio-availability of the phosphated colloidal minerals which are present in Min-ColTM. The manufacturer, in keeping with Dr Carey Reams specifications, uses a proprietary approach of extracting the Min-Col from the clay of the cushy rock phosphate so the product is totally natural. Min-ColTM could also be a major nutrient used to revive health in keeping with RTBI research.

“A lack of ENERGY is the results of a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Carey Reams. Min-ColTM is a great way to re-mineralize your mineral deficient body. Re-build your mineral reserves, balance your pH, fight acidosis with Min-ColTM This Min-ColTM is provided through The Rose Life Middle.
robust calcium and mineral supplement for adults and kids!
66 minerals in colloidal shape – simple absorption – utterly natural
324 mg of elemental calcium per serving
rebuilds mineral deficiencies, is helping restore pH balance, fights acidosis
nice for bones, teeth and fingernails












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